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Writing has the innate power to share both meaning and experiences


Cosmic Creatives dives into this world of words to curate compelling copy that narrates the stories of creative businesses. 

Ready to empower and uplift your brand with otherworldly writing services?


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Blog Posts

Blogging is a profound aspect of placing your company on the online grid. We write long and short-form blog posts with SEO strategies in mind so your business gains traction. 

Feature Writing

Long-form articles and stories spark inspiration, encouragement, and tell tales of the world's truth. We provide any story you wish to tell with colour, charm, and a dash of elegance. 


As descriptive copywriters, we curate content that spurs excitement in readers. With a specialisation in website copy, product placement, and nitty-gritty bodies of text, we will polish your copy to a state of enchantment. 


You won't be taken seriously if you have serious mistakes in your copy. With an eye for errors and a knack for grammar, we can make all your copy faults disappear. 

As the main source of communication, language has the power to shift perspectives

Cosmic Creatives taps into this abundant pool of words to cultivate captivating copy that clearly conveys your brand's meaning, values, and services, connecting to your ideal clients and keeping them coming back for more.

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Linda Willemse

Between Heaven and Earth

Founder Georgia Carter is an amazingly talented individual who has the ability to colour in stories with her words. She is a hard worker with a great work ethic and easy to work with.

Justin Sullivan

Award-Wining Photographer

Cosmic Creatives has a knack of understanding my needs beyond the delivered brief or project scope. Apart from creating a mesmerising structure for my written content, they kindly assisted their services for multiple conservation projects that have played an integral role in fundraising and awareness. It’s not often you find someone with so much heart, passion and professionalism and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with Cosmic Creatives over the years. 

Lauren Hebbithwaite

GiLo Lifestyle

Cosmic Creatives is able to grasp our desired concepts and turn our copy dreams into a reality. With descriptive content, attention to detail, and hitting every deadline, we are thrilled to partner with this brand for many months to come. Cosmic Creatives' passion for writing, storytelling, and the environment is truly inspiring. 


Hello World,

I'm Georgia Carter, founded and head writer of Cosmic Creatives. I craft enchanting copy and stories for creative businesses across the board.


My company emerged from an innate zeal for writing and storytelling. I relished in written words from a young age, never breaking that innate bond throughout my life.

I received my degree in Journalism and English, and have since undertaken many journeys to discover my writing salvation. 


I have a profound passion for travel, exploration, sustainability, conservation, and wildlife. Having written for Beautiful News, Between Heaven and Earth, and collaborating with wildlife documentary makers, I am on my way to curating a future in this field. 


However, given my experience and background, I have broadened my horizon and skillset to incorporate copywriting that is both striking and magnetic. I'm here to curate engaging content that will help you propel your business into a world of success.

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