Unearthing an Enchanting Oasis in the Bush

The sun’s rays crack against the melting, hot sand. Between its pooling crevices, shrubs and thick, stern grasses sprout up.

Baobabs and acacia trees pepper the landscape, creating comfortable havens for animals. Birds sing their soft melodies as the deep trots of buffalos reverberate through the plains.

In the Greater Kruger National Park, where heat merges with life, magic is palpable.

Exploring this otherworldly yet raw, wild, and exceptionally real realm is a treat like no other. A menagerie of fascinating creatures walk this land, while myriad kaleidoscopic birds paint the skies above.

The bush is an emblem of Africa, one of the most cherished biomes and home to not only the Big 5, but many other astonishing animals found nowhere else.

To fully immerse yourself in this sandy haven, you’ll need accommodation that suits the atmosphere and tone of the bush.

Makuwa Lodge, situated on a 70 hectare nature reserve just over the boarder of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, is an oasis of relaxation amidst the hazy life embellished on the outskirts.

The site is renowned for the bird life that flock to its centre, the various types of buck and antelope that gently sweep past its seemingly invisible fencing, and a handful of predators such as hyena, leopard, and wild dog who prowl the surrounding area.

The lodge itself is designed to take you back to your roots and unearth a sense of wonder within. Constructed around a mammoth, verdant fig leaf tree, the sanctuary unfolds into the horizon, weaves its way into the tapestry of nature, and unveils a luxurious yet simplistic escape.

There are seven rooms in total, equipped to host 18 guests. The rooms contain en-suit bathrooms with open showers, comfortable beds cloaked with cosy duvets and armed with mosquito nets, a safe, a fan, a cupboard, and a private veranda with perfectly placed seats from which one can admire the vistas all around.

The lodge, while retaining a raw feel, has many elegant spaces for guests to put their feet up and reconnect with nature. A glorious pool sits in the middle of the lot, blending in as if it were a waterhole. Sunbeds line its boarders, inviting anyone willing to tackle the sun’s heat. There’s also a communal lounge boasting ultimate comfort with hefty couches, a fire place, and books galore. Wi-Fi is also available but it’s recommended to disconnect in order to reconnect with nature.

Finally, there’s a boma located around a giant fire pit. Here, if the weather allows, dinner will be served under the stars. Lanterns illuminate the towering trees and gentle swaying shrubs that margin the area. A delectable dinner is sure to tantalize your taste buds, each meal cooked to perfection and made from scratch, ensuring the best quality to refuel you for the day’s activities.

There are various kinds of adventures on offer. Half and full day game drives, both sunrise and sunset, beckon to wildlife enthusiasts. For those who like physical activity, a three to four hour guided walk is the option for you. Close by, myriad awe-inspiring natural wonders wait to be witnessed. The Panarama Tour and Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve walks lure in adventurers from around the world with breath-taking views envisioned from every angle. A wildlife rehabilitation centre is a short drive away for those passionate about conserving the bush’s fascinating and remarkable creatures.

Be sure to pack your hat, sunscreen, and camera, and make your way to Makuwa Lodge.

Revel in this natural space like no other, the animals who call it home, and dive into the depth of its allure.

Once here, you’ll never want to be anywhere else.

Visit Makuwa Lodge to book a blissful safari stay like never before.

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