Don't have the time to craft your own copy?
Clueless when it comes to curating magnetic content?
Thinking of empowering your business with enchanting words? 



Blogging is of utmost importance if you wish to place your company on the online grid. We write long and short-form blog posts, ranging from as little as 300 words to as many as 4 000.


We work with SEO in mind, helping search engines find your company website with efficiency and drawing more customers to your site. With consistent blog posts, you're constantly informing, inspiring, and giving back to your customers.


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Long-form articles and stories spark inspiration, encouragement, and tell tales of the world's truth.


Do you have a thrilling story to tell, but just hit a blank when it comes to putting ideas on paper? We can ensure that any story you wish to tell will be written with zeal and elegance, shaped and carved in your very own tone and style.


We also conduct research, adding a more in-depth characteristic to your chosen piece of writing.



Our copywriting spurs excitement in readers and encourages them to act.


With a specialisation in website copy, product placement, and social media, we will garnish your online text to the point of enchantment, gaining you significant awareness and connection to both existing and new customers/clients.


Let us help you find your brand voice, optimise your business's copy, and entice a wide audience range. With professional, energizing copy, you can connect to customers and gain greater traction, sparking success and sealing the deal.  



You won't be taken seriously if you have serious mistakes in your copy. With an eye for errors and a knack for grammar, we can make all your copy faults disappear.


Proofreading is a light edit, correcting grammar and spelling of your works final draft, ensuring content and formatting is consistent and flows effortlessly.

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Cosmic Creatives offers a wide range of services to cater to your copy needs. Send us a service request and let's see how we can take your business on a journey of wording discovery